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Stan L. Sweeton

ORG. Change Manager

Business/IT Consultant

CTACC - Certified Coach

A 30+ year veteran of the corporate world, Stan has an extensive background as a corporate executive, global consultant and business/IT coach. As an organizational change management specialist, he has successfully led numerous sweeping organizational change initiatives, as well as project-based change management processes and transitions. He also works with clients to lead innovations in strategic planning, program/project management, service management/delivery, continuous process improvement, organizational stress management and career development/transitions.

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Tamera J. Sweeton


Change & Stress Coach


Tamera is a seasoned psychotherapist and business owner, having operated a private practice in multiple states since 2007. She is an advocate of utilizing Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) to underpin improvements in workplace performance, and has a depth of experience in EAP and FMLA counseling, stress management and change resilience techniques for employee flourishing. She bases much of her work on findings from her global studies in mindfulness and well-being. Tamera believes that each individual has the internal resources and wisdom to live a joyful, successful life - at home, and in the workplace.

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