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The power of the ego!

For leaders, when we unconsciously acquiesce to the ego's seductive control, we can unwittingly create environments of fear, distrust and discord. Perhaps there are many signs that seem to point to our success as a leader - a rise in shareholder value, a recent promotion or "respectful" handshakes with teammates in the hallway - but those indicators are often short-lived, pretentious and insidiously deceptive. We unknowingly create team dysfunction, disengagement and fragmented camps of self-interest. We've lost our ability to inspire and unite our team towards achieving its purpose. We have, in fact, lost our ability to "lead".

But all of this was not purposeful on our part. Maybe we grew as leaders in old-school command-and-control environments. Maybe our manager "leads" with her/his ego. Maybe we have become impressed with shallow contemporary examples of ego-led leadership in business, politics and sports. Or maybe, we have just been asleep.

And perhaps the greatest challenge of all is our own blindness to the issue. It takes a certain courage to pull back the shroud of our own ego and look within; to admit to ourselves that we are human and fallible, and that there might be a better way,

People Leave Managers, not Companies

The Cost of Disengagement

The data on this topic should be compelling for any leader. Gallup data shows only "30% of employees 'engaged' (more than 350,000 respondents).” Gallup goes on to estimate, "an annual cost in lost U.S. productivity of more than $450 billion. This is a staggering figure." (Forbes, August 4, 2015).

Mindful Leadership

Mindful leadership is NOT a new age, touchy-feely, hand-holding approach to leading. In fact, it is an evidence-based method that has proven to be effective in inspiring teams, reducing costs, increasing revenue and achieving quantum business success.

Executive Development is our proprietary method for developing a leader's ability to provide vision, inspire and guide teams with a conscious approach towards mindful leadership. 

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