Company Overview

YWP Workplace Solutions, a division of YourWellpath, LLC, works with business and community clients to elevate the success of the enterprise through people-based solution offerings that enhance leadership capabilities, mitigate workplace stress, reduce absenteeism/turnover, improve employee engagement, and inspire teams to greater success. 

Motivated, purpose-drive, engaged, stress-free, flourishing professionals

The end result is not only a more purpose-driven, "flourishing" staff, but also a measurable improvement on the enterprise's financial bottom line. Through the institution of these key improvements, companies become the "employer of choice" when competing for scarce human resources with ever-increasing expectations for positive, fulfilling careers.

Our service offerings, built upon the foundation of leadership, business and psychology innovations deliver a multidisciplinary integration of thought leadership for improving an enterprise's bottom line through quantum improvement of a team's ability (company, department or project team) to individually and collectively flourish. 

The future of business culture - mindfulness and mindful leadership

We invite you to learn more about those service focus areas, and contact us to better understand the specific benefits that your organization could realize.