Career Services

Life is about change, and so too in the business world. At YWP Workplace Solutions, we advocate that change be embraced and ultimately leveraged for the betterment of the individual, as well as the organization.

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Sometimes we actively seek a needed or desired change (promotion, career change, job change, skill enhancement), and sometimes the change is thrust upon us (downsizing, company reorgs). In either case, the process of change can be unsettling, challenging and frightening - for both the individual and the company. We offer three services to inspire, guide and coach clients through these turbulent times; Outplacement Services, Career Transitions, and Career Development - each described in greater detail below.                                                            


Outplacement Services

For those enterprises that value employees who have contributed to the organization's success over the years, but are unfortunately impacted by a reduction in force, YWP Workplace Solutions can provide a critical enabling service to help those employees get back on their feet and land quickly in the next phase of their career. With a sense of urgency and focus on the psychological impact of losing one's job, we quickly mobilize to provide key support and tools to help guide affected individuals in their career transition - career coaching, job search approach brainstorming, transferable skills inventory, resume development & review, cover letter formation, interviewing skills & practice sessions, LinkedIn & other social media leverage, effective networking, career search education and stress mitigation. 

For the managing HR department, we collaborate with confidential information sharing, customize outplacement services to the unique needs of the client, and provide on-demand reporting on the progress and effectiveness of the outplacement project. Transparency in approach and progress provides the assurance of value on the outplacement investment.

For those employees left behind, often times saddled with additional workloads, confusion and uncertainty of their personal futures, we help to tailor leadership messaging to address their concerns, and offer stress mitigation programs to enable them to re-gain their focus and continue to flourish in the impacted organization.

The use of Outplacement Services from YWP Workplace Solutions sends a clear message to current and future employees that people matter, and helps the enterprise to establish itself as an employer of choice.

Contact us today for a confidential, candid discussion of your outplacement services needs.


Career Transitions

Career Transitions focuses upon the individual as the client - someone who, out of necessity or desire, seeks to make a change from their current job or even take on a new career. Through the coaching process, key topics such as sense of urgency, life purpose evaluation, work-life alignment and skills/interest inventory are all assessed, which guide the transition effort and the coaching relationship. All person-based services noted above in Outplacement Services are provided; the full range of services needed to determine direction, execute the search and achieve the career transition goals.

If you are looking to advance your career through a transition, we offer a complimentary introductory session to discuss the possibilities.


Career Development

Sometimes it's easy to float through your career. On the surface, everything may seem to be fine. Or there may be minor hitches that can be easily dismissed. You bring home a paycheck twice a month. Your work relationships are OK, and you're passively content with your annual performance reviews. You know (or think you know) how to play the necessary games in order to survive.

But one day you wake up, and you realize that you have become substantially disengaged - perhaps as a stress coping mechanism, or perhaps because it seems that things just are what they are. In effect, you have unconsciously placed your career on auto-pilot.

Consider your squandered upward potential; your innate ability to be a more inspiring leader, your aptitude to expand your professional horizons, your lost opportunity for promotion, recognition, increased salary and your boundless potential for making a real difference. 

It's time for career development coaching!

As a seasoned leader, you may be unaware that you have fallen into old patterns that fail to inspire your team. You hear excuses and see failed projects at every turn. You've lost your ability to really emotionally read your staff - so significantly that you no longer have their fullest trust. Your may have fallen off the fast track path to the C-suite. There are underlying reasons that can be discovered and remedied!

As an emerging new leader, your old individual contributor skills no longer serve your purpose as a leader. You must now rely on your ability to guide and influence, your communication skills, and your ability to delegate. These skills, and countless others, can be identified, developed and leveraged to bring you exceptional success in your new leadership role!

As an individual contributor, you want to achieve and advance, to be well-respected, and to realize your full potential. But you may be lacking certain hard and soft skills that continually throw up professional roadblocks to achieving your goals. These gaps can be identified and filled!

Enter the world of career development, supported by career coaching. With a seasoned career coach - one who has personally encountered and overcome the same obstacles that you currently face, you can avoid that costly, time-consuming process of learning through the school of hard knocks and achieve the career that you so deserve.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, we offer a complimentary introductory session to explore the possibilities.